10 Tips For You To Have More Style

10 Tips For You To Have More Style

There are people who spend their whole lives looking for style, but forget to look in the most obvious place: inside you!

1-Know Who You Really Are:

Knowing that your style expresses your personality is just the beginning. To this much the answer who step, next more are you? Difficult, question: is Defining exactly our personality can be an arduous task (and expensive for those who spend years in therapy), but a good way to start is by paying attention to their tastes.

10 tips for you to have more style-Know who you really are

We’re not just talking about the wardrobe, but the class of friends, the bookcase and the CD shelf. So keep an eye on how people you admire are dressed as writers, models, singers, actresses or friends. Don’t you find them a little bit of inspiration?

2-Have Repertoire:

Dressing up is like writing: If you don’t have vocabulary, forget it, you won’t be able to express yourself. You can be sure that your very stylish friend is always watching the magazines (which show the pieces of the season and the new way to use them), on the Internet (some sites show the street fashion of various places in the world, a great inspiration.

3-Face your wardrobe and make the right purchase:

There are people who only have prints in the closet, but says they love minimalistic tendencies. So when that person opens the wardrobe, he ends up finding nothing he wants to wear.To find out if you suffer from this evil, make a detailed list with everything you like. Then take this list and go to your wardrobe. Take what’s left of your list and write down what you love, but you don’t have it in there.

10 tips for you to have more style-Face your wardrobe and make the right purchase

Another thing that helps: separate the pieces that dress you well (that everyone praises when you use) and look well at them: how is modeling? Why do you like her so much? When you figure this out, you can repeat the formula in new parts.Renewing the wardrobe is great, but you don’t have to toast a buck every time you want something new. The ideal is to save money for parts that you like a lot or are classic (not going out of fashion so early).

4-Know Your Body Well:

Whatever you like, there’s what suits you. And it’s hard to have style when you’re using pieces that devalue your body. Each biotype has its advantages and disadvantages and the general rule is to draw attention to the first and hide the Mondays.

Evidence the strengths with necklines, prints and details (such as embroidery and appliques) and hide the weaknesses, leaving them with little information (smooth fabrics, no details). Give a check on what kind of body can face what.


Use: Jump (obvious) and V-neckline to lengthen the body. Avoid: wide and bicolored horizontal stripes, thick belt and short pants because they flattens.


Use: Clothes with prints because they increase the volume and mid-barrel boots, which thicken the legs. Avoid: dark clothes because you will look thinner.

Very chest

they Use: minimize volume and straight necklines because geometric. Avoid: rounded or ruffled necklines, which increase the volume.


Use: Structured clothes, such as shirts and jackets. Straight pants and shoes that leave your ankles free. Avoid: wear soft clothes because they emphasize the fatty.

Wide Hip

Use: Straight trousers because they decrease the volume of the hip. Overlay dresses also works. Avoid: thick belt at hip height.

5-Mix Prints

10 tips for you to have more style-Mix Prints

when you are already feeling safe to risk, try the mix of prints. Plaid with stripes, stripes with polka dots, polka dots with flowers. For the mixture to work, choose a color that is present in both pieces to standardize the look. Large floral with small ones also work, but in this case, respect the style of tropical hibiscus flowers with romantic floral does not roll.

6-Give A Different Twist:

Using a piece that has history shows that you don’t just hold on to the showcases.

The secret is to mix vintage pieces with more modern ones. Avoid wearing clothes, accessories, all retro-turns fantasy. If you don’t feel comfortable, but you want to try it, you can try a bag, a scapular, a brooch.

7-Use The power of the accessories:

An accessory transforms the model and can become your personal brand. But one detail: the accessories tell all the same story. So, you can’t join a radical hippie in the tale of the Romantic little lady.

10 tips for you to have more style-Use The power of the accessories

Hit the combo and see how useful they can be: only you have–as much as your friend has a suit like yours, she’s never going to match it the way you do. Unless you want to copy it, raise the production-a good bag raises any look: it can give a chic or stripped touch-and it displaces attention-a necklace draws attention to the neckline and disposes the look of other parts of the body. Earrings return the eyes to the face and piercings, idem. If you are overweight, wear bracelets and divert attention to the arms.

8-Break, But Create Ammonia:

This tip is for anyone who wants to dare, but doesn’t want to look pretentious. Use a piece that contrasts with the rest of the look: this is the principle of visual Hi-Lo, which consists of the combination of pieces from opposing origins.

For example: very feminine pieces with men’s pieces, sports pieces with club clothes and so on. But, it’s not because the pieces are from opposing origins that they can completely clash.

Look for the element that binds one piece to the other (may be the color, the texture, the material) and use them so that the end result is pleasing to the eye.

9-Face Mirror & Be You MSM:

People who assume style don’t always like everyone. They roll silly reviews and even prejudice, so you have to filter out what you listen to. The mirror is the judge. If after you face it, be insecure, change the production.

Who really has style never looks uncomfortable inside the outfit. After all, you have to trust what you’re wearing to play the look. Being comfortable in clothing is the most important to look natural.

10-Have FUN!!!

Face the story of having more style as a joke and try it! To find out the things you like, you’ll have to try your whole locker. Make several combinations, mix things that had never mixed before.


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