5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewellery Design

5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewellery Design

Jewellery today is not just a fashion statement but also an emotion. That is why you should not settle until you get the piece of your choice.

You may have shopped around every jewellery store online or offline but getting the piece that you want is not so easy. Even the jewellery pieces that you have inherited from your family heirloom may not be the right choice for you.

Under such circumstances, your answer lies in the custom jewellery designs. Whether you want to revive an old piece or create you own ring, the customized jewellery options are the answer to it.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the customized jewellery designs. This will give you some insight about the same.

• Question 1: What is the Process of Custom Jewellery Design Process?

Answer: At every step of the jewellery designing process you are involved for getting the exact piece of jewellery that you desire for.

Step 1 – Free Consultation – The journey for creating or customizing the jewellery of your choice starts with the free consultation with the qualified designer where you share your feelings, stories and of course, ideas. All these have to be incorporated in your unique jewellery style. Basic sketches are shaped based on this consultation and the wear ability and comfort of designed end product also depend on this apart from the decision of the quality of metals and stones to be used.

5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewellery Design

Step 2 – Sketches – After consultation with you, the designer will start to opt for the hand sketches and after a couple of days or so, you are going to have the second meeting with your designer. After looking at the sketches, you should choose the one style that you really crave for and the designer will then let you know about the cost of the piece. Complexity of design, the metal and gemstones or stones you use and various other factors will be considered in this case.

Step 3 – Cad Renders – Once the sketches are approved, the designers then use CAD or computer aided design for creating the photo-realistic renders. The CAD renders will be complete in around 5-7 days and the designs are emailed once they are ready. You can request different stone sizes, metal combos and band widths at this time so that you can make the right choice. This will create a jewellery piece that you will love.

5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewellery Design

Step 4 – Wax Model – The customized jewellery design of 3D wax model offers the ready-made preview of your desirable dream jewellery. This ensures the CAD renders into the 3D accurate model.

Step 5 – Casting and Completing – Finally, the experts curve out the metal version from all the previous rendered models. The metal is textured, shined and immaculately designed to match your custom design and after meticulously building it, you will be gifted with the custom jewellery that you have always dreamt of.

• Question 2: What is the Cost of Custom Jewellery Design?

Answer: The customized jewellery usually cost around $350-400 but it largely depends on the complexity of design, your choice of gemstones and metals. You can, however, rest assured that the investment is something that you won’t regret.

5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewellery Design

• Question 3: Does Anything Need to be Brought for the Initial Consultation?

Answer: Make sure that your design inspiration that you have such as clicks printed from the Pinterest, internet, clippings from magazine are with you at the time of consultation. Knowing the style that you prefer helps your designer to get the most suitable design for you. Added to that, if you want to incorporate any gemstones or metals that you already own, it is advisable to bring in that as well.

• Question 4: What is the Time Period for Creating Custom Jewellery Design?

Answer: It takes about 4-7 weeks from the beginning to the end for creating a customized jewellery piece. However, this can also be completed much earlier. The service provider that you choose can be consulted if you have a shorter time frame.

• Question 5: For initial consultation, is appointment necessary?

Answer: Though appointments are not needed everywhere, it is better to book an appointment to ensure that your visit does not go futile and you can get your appointment with the designers.

So now that you have got the answers to the most commonly asked question regarding custom jewellery, apart from purchasing statement jewellery online you should also not think twice before opting for custom jewellery designs which let you personify your accessories.

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