Different Ways To Use Lip Liner

Different Ways To Use Lip Liner

Lip liners in the recent years have been proving women’s best friend in giving them perfectly defined lips. Lip liners are not only used by professional or celebrities but also by women worldwide. With every increasing day, lip liners have been gathering so much of attention and are gaining demand.

There are many ways to use a lip liner which you might have not thought of yet. So here are some different ways to use a lip liner:

1. Defining Lip Lines:

Different ways to use lip liner-Defining Lip Lines

Lip liners can be best used to define your lip lines. It has been seen that drawing contrast lines on the outlines of your lips have been quite out fashioned but using skin tone liners or same shade liners which match your lipstick is very much in fashion now. Lip liners help to make your lipstick stay within a defined shape as well as make your lips look beautiful and fluffy.

2. Using Lip Liners As Lipstick:

Different ways to use lip liner-Using Lip Liners As Lipstick

Yes, lip liners can be used as a base before applying lipstick. Lip liners help you to create a base coat on your lips which enables the lipstick to last longer than it usually does. Thus you can fill your entire lip with the same colour you would be applying as lipstick. After which apply your lipstick you can notice a smooth application.

3. Use It As Eyeliner:

Different ways to use lip liner-Use it as eyeliner

Lip liners can be easily used an eyeliner. You can use any lip liner as your eyeliner. It can give you similar look as any other branded eyeliner you might be using.

4. Use It To Make Lips Look Fuller:

Different ways to use lip liner-Use It To Make Lips Look fuller

Many women have small lips which sometimes make their face look a bit different. Even women with uneven lip lines face the problem of not having big and fuller lips. In such a situation, lip liner can work like magic. One can use lip liner to increase the lip lines and make it appear fuller and bigger. After making the lines you can apply your lipstick you would see a difference within seconds of applying lipstick.

5. Use It As Eyebrow Pencil:

Different ways to use lip liner-Use It As Eyebrow Pencil


A lip liner can be used in a number of ways in which one includes using it as eyebrow liner. For using your lip liner as an eyebrow pencil you can use a dark or light brown shade. Using brown shades for eyebrows always give a natural look and no one would be able to tell if you have ever used any liner.

Thus who thought lip liners can be such a magic when we talk about makeup. Lip liners are a revolution in the field of cosmetic as they can be used in a different number of ways to make your makeup look on point and can be carried easily anywhere. Thus before buying or using it as a substitute for anything one thing which must be remembered is to uses branded and well-rated products as a cheap product can easily harm your natural sensitivity of lips.

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