How To Take Body Shaming Positively?

How To Take Body Shaming Positively?

Our society has set a hypothetical image of “perfect body and beauty”. For them a skinny figure is sexy (doesn’t matter if you are weak from inside) and pale white skin tone is beautiful. For them being dusky and dark means you don’t stand in the league of beautiful people. People who are fat and dusky try to change and fit into a hypothetical image of beauty and fitness hence they feel insecure and start feeling guilty about their not so toned body. Such people don’t accept them and don’t love them which is sad.

Well, its high time to break these unrealistic images and start accepting, loving your body. It’s important to realize that every other person is unique and this uniqueness creates a beautiful world. It’s important to realize that when the creator of this world has crafted everyone differently, who are we to change his creation and judge them.

So this article is dedicated to all those people who are beautiful but haven’t accepted and realized that fact.

1. You are unique:

How To Take Body Shaming Positively -You are unique

Sometimes when we look at those sculpted figures, somewhere or the other we wish for it because it looks so flawless. Every curve is so fine, thighs are well-toned so does the stomach and properly built biceps. We do crave it but we usually don’t realize that all that glitter is not gold. We don’t understand that before a picture gets into a magazine there is a process that every photograph has to follow called editing. Instead of crying and feeling sad about your extra kilos, start accepting them. Everyone can’t be Barack Obama, someone has to be bill gates as well.

2. The perfect body is a myth:

Once Stephen Hawking said that “one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist”. Similarly, there is no such thing called a perfect body. Some women are gifted with a triangle figure, some pear shape figure. Instead of focusing on getting zero-figure, focus on being fit and healthy because being healthy is most important. Instead of crying for small objects, focus on living a 100% happy life.

How to take body shaming positively - The perfect body is a myth

And if you want to have a well-built body, work for it. Wake up every morning, ditch your beloved bed and start running. This will not only keep you ion shape but will enhance your stamina too. Cutting down food is a big no but cutting some junk, sweet and oily food is highly recommended. Set an achievable goal for yourself and once you get there, celebrate your success.

3. Celebrate your small success:

How to take body shaming positively - Celebrate your small success

Another way of remaining body positive is through celebrating mini success. Staying fit for yourself is a great idea and one should work on its body for themselves, not to make others happy. Once you have achieved your ideal weight and figure, have a small pizza party(it’s ok to cheat once a week), buy yourself a new pair of workout shoes( if that what you were dreaming of), chill with your friends or watch a show. You can even gift yourself a sexy pair of men’s lingerie as well.

5. Meditation:

Sometimes bullying and negative thoughts can affect the mental health of a particular person to such an extreme point it’s enough to enter the state of depression. If you are mentally and physically stressed out, chances of increase in the level of cortisol hormone get higher hence one has to face harmful effects of stress such as the release of cytokines, an inflammation-promoting chemical that occurs. One can easily become the victim to disrupt sleep, depression, anxiety and an increase in blood pressure. You might feel fatigued at some point in time.

Hence if you start practicing meditation, the level of stress goes down. One can see improvement in issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, and fibromyalgia. Once you start practicing in meditation in your daily life you start becoming positive towards life. You start accepting yourself and start loving yourself as well.

How to take body shaming positively - Meditation

Mediation is so powerful that if one starts doing it for 10 mints at least every day he/she can easily overcome depression and can develop a positive outlook. You start understanding yourself better and deeper as well. Your energies started getting focused in a positive direction hence you don’t get affected by negative thoughts

At some point in time, people struggle with insomnia so when you start doing meditation every day and become skilled in it you can easily control and calm your mind due to which you feel relaxed and enters into a peaceful state of mind, as a result, you feel asleep.

There are different types of meditation that you can practice according to your needs. One is focused- attention meditation in which one has to concentrate on a single thought, sound, object or visualization. You can even focus on a sound (soothing one) and a mantra as well.

Another type of meditation is open-monitoring meditation which encourages broadened awareness of your environment, thought and sense of self that includes becoming aware of thoughts, feelings or impulses that you might normally try to suppress. The best time for practicing meditation is early morning as it is quiet at that time and you can start your day positively as well.

Love yourself as no one else can play your character better than you.

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