Significance Of Gold In Engagement Rings

Significance Of Gold In Engagement Rings

Gold, this precious metal is being used for over 6000 years in making jewelry and the yellow color symbolizes the power of sun from the ancient times. Even though many other metals are making their presence felt Gold still rules the engagement ring business.

The most important factor in gold’s popularity is that it is very much durable, it last very long and is corrosion resistant as well. It is perfect for daily wear and tear usage as it least affected by it. And the cherry on top is that it can be repaired for any accidental damages very easily. And of course, gold is very affordable than its peers like platinum.

Significance Of Gold In Engagement Rings

The purity of gold is determined by the karat rating like other precious metals, 24k being the purest of all. But due to the softness of this 24k metal other metals are added to make a more solid alloy. Metals such as copper, silver or palladium is commonly used with it to make a tougher alloy with karat ratings such as 22k, 18k, 14k based upon the purity.

Choosing a gold ring for engagement has been a widely popular through history,because this valuable metal is the symbol of sophistication and elegance. And if you are going to express your love and affection towards the special one, why not to choose the one which has been emblematic of romance since ages?

Gold is also considered very auspicious traditionally and hence it is very significant spiritually and astronomically. In various cultures like Indian or Egyptian, this metal has been historically used for religious purposes.

Significance Of Gold In Engagement Rings

Before going for these rings make sure to consider few parameters such as size, color, band and design, as they are very important to make your ring as per your expectations.

When you are buying a ring make sure it fits perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. If you are buying for someone else make sure to know the right size. Even though alterations are possible even after they are molded but make sure your seller is ready for this kind of possibility.

The color of gold is mainly reddish yellow but there are many other colors available at your disposal. White gold is most popular after its yellow counterpart; it is made by adding nickel to the original metal. This alloy is known for its elegance and suave look.

Significance Of Gold In Engagement Rings

And while choosing the band and design take the hand structure and taste of the person who will be wearing it into consideration. For women sleek and shiny bands are more suitable whereas wide and matte looks great on men.

Finally one thing is certain that if you can choose the perfect ring for your engagement you will never regret it, because Gold never loses its value and shine.

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