Stylish Ways To Tie Scarves

Stylish Ways To Tie Scarves

Scarves are one of the most favourite accessories of any other girl. Creating new styles every day that matches your clothing can be tough but in such a situation, scarves can be a saviour for you. One can easily find scarves of different patterns, variant and style to select from. Scarves can easily change the look of any outfit within minutes.

Thus below are some super cool tricks to tie scarves and make your casual look bold and stunning:

1. Simple knot:

Stylish ways to tie scarves-Simple knot

This is one of the most common ways of carrying a scarf. For this just take both the ends of the scarf together and keep it around your neck after which you can see a loop formation on the other end. After putting the scarf around your neck just take both the ends go through the loop and adjust it around your neck making it a bit fluffy.

2. The Ophelia Style:

Stylish ways to tie scarves-The Ophelia style

For this style, you need to twist the scarf and fold it into half. After doing this you will be a loop formation through which you need to pass the twisted ends. Pull one of the ends upwards which will tighten the knot and give you a fluffy side scarf look.

3. Side knots:

Stylish ways to tie scarves-Side knots

These can look really cool it the colour of the scarf of baby pink or yellow. However one can go with any colour or print scarf. For this put the scarf around your neck so that both the ends fall in the front. The scarf should cover your neck around. After this, you just need to tie small knots in both the ends and leave it like that. This gives you a really simple yet elegant look.

4. Scarf Around The Waist:

Stylish ways to tie scarves-Scarf Around The Waist

Scarves are not always to be worn around your neck it can also be tied around your waist to give your dress defines and straight look. Scarves can be used as a belt with most of the long or short dresses.

5. Circle knot:

Stylish ways to tie scarves-Circle knot

This look can make your any plain or dull t-shirt look vibrant very easily and quickly. For this style select bright and popping colored scarves and tie both the ends of the scarves together. This will make a big loop after which you need to take the scarf look and place it on your neck and with the remaining end twist and again put is through your head. This will cover all your neck. After which you need to pull a little bit to make it look fluffy.

Thus you can use scarves and make many different styles very easily. The above styles can be made within or less than 5 minutes as well can be easily matched with different dresses, clothing or outfits. Scarves can be best worn during the winter season as during this time of the year cold breezes can surely make you fall sick. Thus covering your neck area using scarves that to in different styles can make you look classy, elegant as well as can protect you from cold breezes.

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