Support Black Colleges – The Latest Fashion Brand To Bring HBCU Social Conscience

Support Black Colleges – The Latest Fashion Brand To Bring HBCU Social Conscience

It is no secret that HBCU alumni are extremely proud of their schools and of late, they have taken to using HBCU apparel to articulate that pride! Modern HBCU black college apparel style ranges from sweatsuits, T-shirts, and other urban-influenced HBCU apparel, to customized blazers and sweaters. Even funky bohemian purses and other distinctive accessories are sporting HBCU logos increasingly.

Whether you are an HBCU college freshman or alumni from many years past – if expressing your arrogance through HBCU apparel is your objective then you should read the post!

Support Black Colleges is an HBCU themed store that endorses and builds consciousness for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. You can anticipate finding creative apparel that represents HBCUs as a whole. Here you can find top-notch sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hoodies. There are quite a few color combinations present for you to select from to represent your HBCU organization.

Support Black Colleges - the latest fashion brand to bring HBCU social conscience

HBCUs constantly surpass non-HBCUs in student expertise, cost-effectiveness, and after college awareness for students. HBCUs offer students something they cannot get anywhere else — a varied and comprehensive community of scholarship that rejoices the richness of the whole American experience. The 180+ years of achievement by HBCUs are driven by an intuitive promise of support to all students. HBCUs present a safe and fostering environment for everyone — Latino, Black, Asian, White — the wealthy, the less privileged — and all in the meantime.

Better Career

Researches indicate that Black HBCU grads are more prepared for life further than college and more occupied at employment than non-HBCU graduates. Black colleges carry on outperforming non-HBCUs in graduating successful Black professionals in several fields including mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.

Better Life

Support Black Colleges

Black HBCU grads are more prone to be flourishing in reason and financial happiness than non-HBCU students.

Better Value

Lower price and less debt. The average cost of attending an HBCU is 27% less than a similar Predominantly White institution (PWI).

Support Black Colleges’ sole mission is to fortify, motivate and persuade others to assist HBCUs. SBC was set-up in 2012 by two Howard University students who saw a necessity to spread alertness about the school that changed their lives. The brand started quite quickly when celebrities such as Chris Paul, Missy Elliot, Teyanna Taylor, Eva Marcille and many more have been spotted stunning the brand. Each year the Support Black Colleges team recruits more than 70 college ambassadors and offers thousands of dollars in scholarships.

HBCU black college apparel

The future of Support Black Colleges entails growth. First and foremost, they want to manufacture designs that speak to the HBCU mission consistently. They think that even individual HBCUs can and should do a better job capturing their courage. They intend to construct a catalog of clothing options that speak to every facade of HBCU life including working with different organizations within the institutions to produce custom apparel. Eventually, we want to build relations with as many compatible people and entities as possible that endorse the cause of the HBCU and who are dedicated to the safeguarding of these institutions.

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