The Wedding Lehenga For Your Big Day

The Wedding Lehenga For Your Big Day

No matter how much you try, the preparations for your wedding are never enough. You want it to be perfect, and truth be told, this is one day about which the dreams are woven from a very tender age. Growing up changes a lot, but what it does not change is the fact that on your wedding day, you have got to be the show stopper. Even if you have not been much of a fashionista in your young age, it is on this day that you do not want to leave any stone unturned to look gorgeous.The Wedding Lehenga For Your Big DayAs Indians, we derive our passion and inspiration for weddings through a series of Bollywood masala movies we grow up on. We let the movies grow on us to such an extent that somewhere deep down we all have an Ekta Kapoor hidden within us, who wants us to dress in a resplendent and bright lehenga, with wedding bells and conch shells ringing and the wedding mantras being chanted. So much for what? To lay your hands on the perfect wedding lehenga that’s right.Gone are the days when the bride would haunt the bazaars of Old Delhi and Burrabazar in Kolkata to get a conventional wedding lehenga. To make the lehenga project successful we have Deep Veer wedding to fall back on, we have inspiration in Priyanka Chopra, who has always been a fashion inspiration. What gets us more excited is the fact that we aim to look as magnificent as they did, and we try our best to be successful. Starting from the lehenga saree to the fishtail lehenga, there are myriad choices for your designer lehenga. And if you are on the affluent side, then you might as well be able to get your hands on one of those beauties woven by Sabyasachi himself. Exciting, huh? While all that may be great and awe-inspiring, have you ever thought what to do with your wedding lehenga Shaadi ke baad?

After going through some serious hard work on your part to choose the best designer lehenga that is there, and then following the schedules of fitting and getting the perfect jewellery, it would be a waste to hide that lehenga in the darkest corner of your cupboard. Honestly, we get it that your wedding lehenga was a heavy one and if it was a designer lehenga then it also must have been pretty expensive. So you do not want to wear the whole thing again on some other occasion. The beauty fades, and it is almost never as magical as the first time. However, do not hide that piece of beauty and put it to some use:

Make Use Of The Bright Long DupattaMake use of the bright, long dupatta

Your star-studded dupatta must have been the center of all the attention at your wedding when you had the ghoonghat pulled across your face. A plethora of memories are attached to your wedding lehenga, and each part of it means the world to you. So, recreate the magic and make it last for good. Take that beautiful dupatta and get it stitched into a kurti of your choice. Dupattas that come with wedding lehengas are quite huge and they can be easily stitched into a beautiful piece of art by making a kurti out of it. That way, you will be having an extra thing to wear for the next occasion, you won’t be spending time having to think about the clothes you want to wear, and the best part is, you already have the jewelry in place. You can take a chunk of your wedding jewelry and pair it with the dupatta you just turned into a kurti.

Do Not Dump That Blouse

Do not dump blouse

The blouse of your wedding lehenga can and should be put to multiple uses even after your wedding. Nowadays, designer lehengas come with a beautiful choice of blouses, and they are pretty modern too. Style of blouses with designer lehengas range from the bold off shoulder blouse to the classy V neck blouse made of brocade. There is also the current favourite type, that is, the crop top choli with off-shoulder sleeves. Now, you would not want to waste this great variety of blouses that are there. You can use the blouse with another saree or even with a skirt if you want to do something out of the box. It is you who can recreate the magic.

Change Is The Only Constant

We know the story about the emotions that are attached to the wedding lehenga. It is woven with your mother’s love, your father’s dreams, and your aspirations about the new life that you are about to begin. However, with a little bit of this and a tinge of that, you can completely give a new look to your wedding lehenga, and actually, put it to some use. It would not be of much use if you put it inside the cupboard for the posterity to see. Instead, take it to a tailor and get something else made out of it, and wear it. And we are sure, you will rule.

Cut Down On The Lehenga’s WeightCut down on the lehenga’s weight

If you are feeling too bad about this whole cutting down business, you might also want to consider reducing the weight of the lehenga. Wedding lehengas are heavy, and so if you get it cut to an optimum size, you can easily wear it to another wedding or even pass it off as a skirt. What is best it that, your heavy wedding lehenga would not even occupy a lot of space in your closet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get prepared for the next shaadi season with your own shaadi dress.

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